Topgun's Quintessential Uptown Lass "QUINN" DOB 3/22/08

Quinn is a 36lb, 18” dynamo! She is extremely athletic with a natural jumping style and ability to use her body well with a great deal of power. Even though she seems to compete at one speed (warp), she is able to turn off and chill out at home. She is serious while working but has a very gregarious personality. Like all Borders, she usually figures out what you are asking of her and finds a way to do it her way which is usually by the shortest route. Among the dogs I have owned and trained in the past 50 years, she is one in a million!

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ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Utility Dog Excellent, Obedience Master 1, Beckwith Challenge Trophy Winner (highest scoring obedience dog for the year) 2015, 2016 & 2018, Agility Dog Champion-Bronze, Agility Trial Champion, Standard Agility Champion, Gamblers Champion-Silver, Relay Champion-Bronze, Tournament Champion-Silver, Snooker Champion-Bronze, Jumpers Champion-Bronze, International Agility Champion, International Winner Agility Champion, International Winner Agility Champion Select, International Agility Champion Select 2, Master Performance Dog, Master Agility Champion 5, International Bronze Jumping Award, International Silver Game Award, International Bronze Agility Award, Speedstakes Senior, Master Excellent, Master Excellent Jumper, Excellent Fast, Time2Beat, Rally Novice, Jumping Vet-Elite-Superior Performance, Jumping Standard-Elite-Outstanding Performance, Gambling Standard-Elite-Outstanding Performance, Regular Standard-Elite-Outstanding Performance, CPE Level 3, Trick Dog Advanced

Quinn's Kids and Grandkids!


Perfect 10's Limited Edition "Shimmer"

Night Flight's Blue Dreamer "Dream" x Topgun's Quintessential Uptown Lass "Quinn" DOB 9/3/13

Shimmer is a wonderful girl and her co-owner, Janet Mabrey, has been competing with her in agility, along with Quinn's granddaughter (Shimmer's daughter) Tyra. Both are doing very well and love being a part of Janet and Johnnie's household.


Perfect 10's Quintessential Mirror Image "Lizzi"

MACH Brighteye Making Waves "Sonic" x Topgun's Quintessential Uptown Lass "Quinn" DOB 1/9/2015

Lizzi is the best of both parents, lightening fast and wicked smart. She is a 30#, 19" jet fighter that can collect and turn faster than you can blink. She has started her competitive career in agility and is showing great promise.

Gambling Standard-Novice, Jumping Standard-Novice, Starters Relay, Novice FAST

DIANE'S CREW 039 (2).jpg

Perfect 10's Tried and Tru Blu "Tru"

OffOn The Dark Side "Vader" x Perfect 10's Limited Edition "Shimmer" DOB 7/5/2015

Tru is the third member of our pack. He is a handsome boy and very sweet like his parents. He is extremely biddable, loves to learn new things and is just starting his agility career.

Jumping Standard-Novice

Dog Dynasty Duluth LLC is a family owned and operated business originally founded in 1970 by Dan and Rita Herald under the name Arrowhead Dog Training Academy. Since then it has become a premier training facility for professional dog training. It is currently owned and operated by their daughter, Diane Craig and her husband Jim. DDD offers instruction in Obedience and Agility, as well as behavioral consultations and private lessons, obedience and agility trials and more! A new merchandising venture under this newer name was founded in 2014 by Jim and Diane along with their daughter Robin. The Dog Dynasty store offers quality dog training products at competitive prices.

Diane trained her first dog as a teen in the late 1960's and over the years has continued to train and compete with her dogs in Obedience and Agility, garnering dozens of titles on her dogs including UDX and many agility championships. She has always had a thirst for knowledge when it comes to dog training and behavior and she continues to educate herself in all aspects of the canine in order to bring the best to her clients. Her current canine partner is Quinn, who is her competition partner as well as her business partner. In addition to Quinn, her daughter Lizzi has just begun her competition career along with Quinn's grandson, Tru. Look for updates on their antics in the future.

Jim formally trained his first dog in Obedience and Agility in the early 1990's; a German Shepherd named Sally. Since then he has worked with the multitude of dogs that have made their way through the household through their Border Collie rescue program. Being a custom cabinet maker by trade, he is the genius behind all the training equipment and obstacles, maintainer and re-modeler of the facility, as well as being Diane's right hand during class.

Robin trained her first dog as a teenager and went on to work with a MinPin named Lexi. Since Lexi had a less than optimal start to her life, Robin has spent a great deal of time working through undesirable behaviors with her and has gone on to gain numerous agility titles and championships as well as several obedience titles. Robin has wholeheartedly embraced the shaping and positive reinforcement training methods we employ and has become a very astute trainer and sought after clinician. She is currently working with Quinn's granddaughter, Vibe, who is Tru's brother. Robin is presently an instructor at several facilities in the Twin Cities area and lives in North St. Paul. Jim and Diane have a hobby farm just three miles from the training facility.



Vibe - Copy.jpg

Perfect 10's At Long Last "Vibe"

OffOn The Dark Side "Vader" x Perfect 10's Limited Edition "Shimmer"

Vibe is owned and loved by our daughter, Robin. She is a speed demon like her auntie Lizzi and is listed as the fastest Border Collie in the country.

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Perfect 10's Soaring To New Heights "Aspire"

OffOn The Dark Side "Vader" x Perfect 10's Limited Edition "Shimmer" DOB 7/5/2015

"Spy" is owned and loved by Bonnie Griep and lives with Bonnie's pack south of the Cities. She is just beginning her career in agility and is hoping to be as good as her sister, Vibe!