Located in beautiful Lakewood Township, just minutes north of Duluth, Minnesota, Dog Dynasty Duluth, formerly known as Arrowhead Dog Training, offers professional instruction in the dog sports of Obedience and Agility.

Our Obedience classes include instruction encompassing puppy and adult foundation basics all the way up to and including competition obedience. Our Agility classes offer instruction ranging from basic foundation training through the advanced levels of education and competitive support in this fast-paced sport.

Research has proven that proper socialization and training is crucial for puppies and dogs, resulting in more confident and well-mannered members of the family. Our group classes also give you the opportunity to attain and maintain control of your dog's attention amid real life distractions.

Our training style utilizes a balanced reward based system which includes positive motivational techniques and repetitive redirection to unlock your dog's ability to think and reason, and creates the reliability to command that all dog owners seek.


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